AEBA Rules and Regulations

  • All anglers must be an active member of American Eagle Bass Anglers to fish AEBA Trail.

  • All Federal, State, and Local laws must be obeyed or contestants may be subject to disqualification.

  • Contestant must have valid fishing license in state of tournament location.

  • Anglers under 18 must be accompanied by a parent, family member, or guardian.

  • All anglers must wear life-jacket while combustion engine is running during tournament hours.

  • Boats must have combustion engine, trolling motor, and working live well system.

  • All fish must be caught on artificial lures by casting. No trolling, strolling, or live bait allowed.

  • Nets are allowed during all AEBA events.

  • FIVE (5) fish limit per angler. Fish must meet 12” minimum length. Tournament Director will advise when creel limits change within season.

  • Fish may be weighed dead or alive. Big fish must be weighed alive.

  • Anglers can NOT cull a dead fish.

  • Each dead fish penalty is .25 pounds or 4 ounces.

  • CMR Tournaments:

    • All boaters will have the same scale

    • Fish must measure 12” to be weighed

    • Fish will be weighed in Pounds & Ounces. Do not round up or round down the ounces sub-section. EX. Screen will show “2-14 5/8” – recorded weight should be “2-14”

    • Top 5 fish will be tallied. If fishing alone, please photograph your fish’s weight on the scale.

  • Winners will be determined by total weight. Payouts will be based on total number of anglers who entered tournament pool:

      • Up to 7 anglers: 2 spots

      • 8-19 anglers: 3 spots

      • 20+ anglers: 4 spots

  • All club tournament entry and lunker fees are optional.

      • Total weight Entry Fee: $30

      • Lunker Pool: $10

      • Smallmouth Lunker: $10 (if applicable)

      • Rolling Club Lunker Pool: $5

  • To win the Rolling Club Lunker bass MUST be EQUAL TO or GREATER than 7 pounds and weighed by Tournament Director.

  • Tournament tie-breaker will be decided by big fish. Second tie-breaker is amount of live fish. If only one angler weighed a big fish, that angler will win the tie-breaker. If no big fish was weighed for both anglers, they will receive the same amount of points for their position.

  • Points will be tallied in order of total weight. 1st will receive 100 points, 2nd will receive 99, 3rd place gets 98, and so on. Anglers who do not weigh a bass will receive a 5 point deduction* from their final standing.

      • EXAMPLE*. The angler with the lowest total weight of bass finishes in 10th place and receives 90 points. Any anglers who did not weigh fish will finish at 11th place (89 points) and then be assessed the 5 point deduction, finishing at 84 points.

  • The TWO (2) lowest scores for each member will be dropped for the Angler of the Year race. The highest total points across any 8 trail events will determine our winner. AOY Tiebreaker is as follows:

1. Total weight accumulated across all 10 events throughout the year

2. Total number of fish caught across all 10 events throughout the year

3. Largest 5 fish limit for any single event

4. Largest fish of the season